Although we specialize in hiring models for adult modeling, Velvet Stars has worked with quite a few male fitness models.  It’s not easy learning how to pose in front of a camera. But to start modeling, it can be beneficial to start with erotic modeling or jobs in the adult industry first to get you comfortable with your body.  We work with men and women , but we only work with guys with fit bodies.

Many male fitness models get their start by doing webcam modeling, adult films or erotic modeling.  By doing work as such, you eventually become comfortable with your body and comfortable with the idea of being looked at, directed, and/or admired. Plus, erotic photography can be surprisingly fun.

If you don’t have a 6 pack but only a 2 pack.  Or if your biceps, aren’t bulging, there are the true and tried rules that always works to help you get to your goal.

Rule 1 – Always be honest with your self regarding your motivation for modeling.  Some people just like to be watched.  Other’s have dreams of walking a runway.  Other people, just want to make quick money and they have the perfect body, so why not?  All in all, you must be honest with your self.

Rule 2 – Nutrition is always the key for a male fitness model.  After working hard in the gym, you should not reward yourself with fries and a burger.  Always steer more towards lean meats and as much vegetables as you can.  Sugar and starches are an enemy to someone trying to maintain a fantastic modelesque body.

Rule 3– Be consistent with your workouts.  Workout hard and workout often.  Nowadays there is no reason to not have a great body.  Hire a professional trainer and take the right protein supplements. Personally, I think Isopure is fantastic at providing the protein you need to build muscles.  If you can’t afford that, there are many youtube videos with workout instruction.

The most important thing, is to stay consistent and you will meet your goals.

Tips for the Male Fitness Model

When you start out modeling, find a photographer that you feel comfortable with.  There is nothing more awkward than posing with someone you don’t feel comfortable with.  When you feel comfortable with someone, you will always do your best work.

You must be comfortable with your body.  It will make you a better performer or model. Porn, erotic modeling, or even webcam modeling can help with that!

According to, the number one part of the body that women like on a guy, is their BUTTS.  So guys you must realize, there is always someone that will admire your chest, your shoulders, your abs, your back or anything on your body.  So keep it all in shape and be comfortable with it all. Realize, that when you are in the business of showing off your body in porn or male fitness modeling, every part of your body is judged and/or admired.

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